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Pieces of a broken plate.
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In the last few days, I was a bit restless because I wanted to know about the feedback from the company I was interviewed for. I really wanted to work there and that’s why I was feeling the fear of rejection.

Gradually I experienced that that fear was affecting my…

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In Javascript we don’t have classes, rather we only have objects. So if we want to implement inheritance with objects we can get the help of prototypical inheritance.

Before talking about prototypical inheritance, we all should stay on the same pitch in terms of javascript prototype. So,

Prototype in Javascript

Suppose we have…

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Have you ever heard the term Property Descriptor during the time you have been working with javascript? To be a better javascript developer we should have a better understanding of javascript objects because in Javascript everything is an object.

Property descriptor is one of the concepts that is used in…

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One of the core concepts of an Express application is middleware, and most of us get confused by it.

First of all, think of middleware as a simple function that will take a request object and pass control to the next middleware function or send a response to the client.

Inheritance is a great principle in object-oriented programming where we can reuse code. But we have to be careful when using it because sometimes inheritance makes our code fragile.

We can always start building an application in javascript with simple objects and if we see that several objects share similar…

Redux or React Context?

Redux is a library that helps to manage the state of your application.

Redux should be used in medium to large single-page applications with the complex data flow. Redux can add unnecessary complexity to your application if your application is really small with the simple data flow.

On the other…

Image Slider using React Slick

React slick is a great carousel component for creating an image slider or carousel-like UI components. But sometimes we need some manual control over the default features that the library provides.

Last time when I worked with the library I tried to create an image slider with some extra features…

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